$200 Million Bank Glitch- Zurich Just Paid Its Workers Double

Zurich authorities have apologized to city employees after a technical glitch caused a double payment of monthly salaries that local officials are now trying to claw back.

About 175 million francs ($200 million) was sent in error on Monday, which was the payday for February, according to a statement. 

Workers can’t keep the money, and officials are trying to devise a streamlined process so that the 30,000 employees affected can easily return it. 

A technical error at state-owned Zuercher Kantonalbank, which handles the city’s salary transfers, is to blame. The bank itself said that faulty software from one of Swisscom AG’s contractors caused the glitch.

“Swisscom is aware of the seriousness of this incident and apologizes for the inconvenience caused,” the telecommunications company said in a statement shared by the bank.

The unexpected windfall prompted a flurry of employees calling up the city’s offices to ask about the extra money, according to Swiss newspapers. Others mockingly described it as “inflation compensation” on the city’s intranet, and demanded a repeat.