Bank Account Wiped Out! "My hand was shaking,"- Citibank customer says as $65,000 wiped from accounts

The second he noticed the money was gone he started shaking.

"Well, my heart was really pumping. So, I just, my hand was kind of shaking," Chin told ABC affiliate KGO-TV in San Francisco. 

The hack was done by a SIM swap attack which begins when someone steals your personal information off the black web.

They then pretend to be you at a phone store and ask to have your number swapped to a new phone in their possession. 

Chin’s Citibank account was then taken over and the hacker wired the money.

The SIM swap attack was able to be done with no permission from Chin.

"Without proper ID, without my signature, somebody replaced my SIM card in Philadelphia. I'm in California," Chin said.

Mark Ostrowski of Checkpoint Software Technologies, an internet security firm explained that SIM swap attacks remove protection that would usually be in place to prevent this.

"It's called a SIM swap attack. It's very common and has big consequences,” Ostrowski told KGO-TV.

"So it can have really dire effects when someone does a SIM swapping attack because you lose that multi-factor authentification protection that you thought you had.”

Chin had Verizon and the phone company said it is investigating the situation, per KGO-TV.

Citibank also said that it has steps in place to try and get the money back from the hacker.

However, if a transfer is technically authorized it is complicated for banks to consider it fraud.

"We have a great deal of sympathy for those who fall victim to fraud,” Citibank told KGO-TV.

“We take steps to recall the funds that were taken by fraudsters using a customer's personal and account information."

In another money-stealing scam, an elderly woman lost her entire life savings to a scammer who convinced her social security number/bank information had been stolen.

In this scam, a man pretended to be a Chase employee and convinced a woman that her bank was hacked and she needed to put her savings into Bitcoin - the money was gone forever.